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Jun 30, 2017

As we all know…Breakups are tough! One of the worst things we have to endure in life. There’s no question about that.

You can feel lost, lonely, empty, and like you are carrying a ton of bricks on your shoulders that is creating this heaviness around you that won’t let up.  It feels like it will never get better.  Going through a breakup usually also takes away our ability to think rationally when it comes to choices that have to do with our ex…things that we end up doing – and then regretting – that tend to make us feel even worse.

And there’s only so many times you can talk to your friends and family about this before they don’t want to listen anymore…or maybe they are having their own issues and can’t handle taking on your problems too. It could also be that maybe they just don’t know what to say or are too busy with their own lives to be a good support system. Or maybe you feel it’s better to just leave them out of your business, period. (Which is definitely a good idea)

Whatever the case may be, it can do wonders to have a Breakup Coach to help you through this who will be there for you, who can give you unbiased advice, and help get your life back on track. Oh…and get you back into the dating scene too…if you are looking to meet someone new.  There is love out there for you – we just have to get you to a healthy, confident place to be able to attract a great partner into your life who is better suited for you.  Or maybe you have various other things you want to chat about – I would love to offer my advice on whatever type of issue may be weighing on your mind.

The thing is – to be healthy emotionally and mentally, you have to feel positive in all areas of your life.  Wherever I can be of support to you, I am here for you. Period.

When relationships break down, people get frustrated and say all kinds of things to intentionally to hurt the other person, whether they may be true or not.

One of the most common things people will say about each other during an argument, or after a breakup – especially when they have been rejected – is that the other person is crazy or psycho. Don't do this.

Trina is your best friend after a breakup! Connect on social media @breakupBOOST.

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