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Oct 31, 2020

I selected a random listener question for this episode. Even if you can't relate to this exact situation, I'm pretty sure you'll relate to some of it and be able to put a couple of gold nuggets from it in your back pocket for future reference. xo-Trina


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Oct 27, 2020

Are you or were you going through the motions with someone because you invested a lot of time into them? Are you having trouble letting go because you would be throwing away all of that time? I have a LOT of perspective for you in this episode. LISTEN NOW! xo-Trina


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Oct 10, 2020

I'm going to talk about something that drives me CRAZY. And I'm talking about it because I don't want anyone playing YOU. Ever. Listen NOW! xo-Trina


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Oct 5, 2020

Maybe you were cheated on. Maybe you were lied to multiple times. Maybe you were disrespected in various ways. Maybe you were abused. All of these things lead to shame and embarrassment. That said, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE so that you can unload all of that. It doesn't belong to you. xo -Trina


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